Have you ever taken your car to a garage after a warning light's become illuminated, only to be told you'll have to go to a main agent? That won't happen if you call Mobile Auto Electrical Services Ltd. We have the very latest diagnostic equipment, and can quickly find the source of electrical faults on all makes and models of car. Once we've found the faults, our expert engineers will repair them.

Diagnosing your electrical faults

If your car develops an electrical or engine management fault, it can bring it to a sudden halt. Call us, we'll come to you anywhere in London and the South East. We're here to help you.

Roadside repairs

You're a busy person, whether you're at work or spending time with your family. When your car has a fault, or needs an electrical repair, we won't make you have to take time off work or arrange a babysitter. Our mobile mechanics will come to you, either at home or at work. We don't believe in inconvenience, just in providing great customer service.

The convenient route to diagnostics and repairs

When you need expert diagnostics, phone

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