You never know when you might have to call upon your car's air bag system. If the air bag warning light comes on, call us. Air bag faults can not only have terrible consequences in a crash, they'll also cause your car to fail an MOT test. Air bag module resets or replacements can cost less than you think, especially if you use the convenient service offered by Mobile Auto Electrical Services. Call us today.

Mobile air bag repairs


We can source a suitable replacement air bag. The majority of cases only require a rest or repairs to existing wiring. We have the diagnostics to trace any fault in any car and source replacement parts when needed.

Air bags for all major brands

When you're a self-employed contractor, your van is your lifeline. If you're waiting for diagnostics and repairs, you'll have to cancel jobs at short notice. Don't let a warning light impact on your livelihood, we're here to help. We don't just provide mobile diagnostics and repairs for cars, we can also help keep your light commercial vehicle on the road.

Commercial diagnostics

If your air bag light comes on, telephone

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