Do you often have to drive in wet or icy weather? ABS can be a life saver. The days have gone when car brakes would lock, causing an uncontrollable skid. If your ABS system fails, you could be dicing with locked brakes once again. Don't worry, Mobile Auto Electrical Services use specialist ABS diagnostic software and equipment. We find ABS faults quickly and efficiently, and then provide expert solutions.

Keeping your car safe in all weathers


Your warning light may be linked to mechanical as well as electrical faults. Our highly experienced engineers can carry out repairs to your brakes.  

Clutch and brake repairs

Servicing your car or van, keeps it roadworthy and can help stop the re-sale value deteriorating. That's why the service light is such a helpful reminder. But if it stays on even after a service, what do you do? Main agents can reset it, but they'll charge main agent rates. Call us. We'll come to you, and our service light resetting service is much more cost effective.

Resetting your service light

Keep your brakes in perfect condition, call

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